Chad is a social media butterfly

We love the social media outlets that have popped up in the past few years. Chad is a fan of them all; from Facebook to personal blogs, and LinkedIn to Instagram. Weather you just dabble in Facebook, or you breakout in hives at the thought of being locked out of your Instagram account, we want to connect with you!
Chad has lots to share and we want you to get to know us as a company. We also have a weekly e-newsletter called “Too Funny Tuesday” that thousands of Southwest Floridians love to see each week. Whoever thought that a Handyman would be so active on the inter-webs? If you are missing out, don’t fret, just send us a note that you want to be in-the-know of Chad’s status, or if you have a project you need assistance with! We will help you get on that gravy train in no time. In the mean time you can stalk us on Instagram, or check out our Facebook page too. (Whatever tickles your fancy.)
We are super social
If you want to see something on our website blog, or other social media outlets, let us know! Chad has always been an open door for suggestions, or feedback. Or if you need help bringing a special project or idea to life, we can help with that too. Do you want to build a special she-shed for the wife, or put in some garage organizer cabinets for your husband? We can help with that. Chad has loves problem solving, and making our clients happy.