Carpentry is a very skilled craft where the primary work performed is cutting, shaping, and installation of building materials durring the construction or re-construction of a space. They traditionally work with wood for materials, and projects range from rough framing, to fine cabinet making and finishing.


Rough carpentry

Rough carpentry is work done on the framing and general construction of the building — including the walls, floors, and roof. The rough carpenter should be well versed in building codes and construction methods, as well as the proper materials for each area. Call us for fast service and a free consultation on how we can help build your dream home or business. 


Finish Carpentry

This level of carpentry is the part you will see most often. The finish carpenter is responsible for the decorative woodwork such as: wainscoting, casing, window framing, crown, etc. Because of the visual traffic these items receive, attention to detail is indicative of the quality of the installer. Thus when finalizing the small details of your new project, Chad says the measure of a carpenter is in the length of the punch list. Make sure your punch list is complete before rendering final payment.

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