Painting is the easiest way to change the mood of the space. Make the atmosphere go from feeling wide open and filled with excited energy, to cozy and relaxed where you can feel safe from the outside world. It all depends on the feelings you are trying to evoke when using the space.


PAINTING process

Lots of steps go into the satisfying process of painting, way before you crack open the can.

First, comes the prep: move all items away from the walls, remove all pictures, and tape off all items that are affixed to the wall. Also cover the areas where paint could spill, or splatter.

Then make any repairs that need to be made: fill holes from pictures, patch and texture any major holes.

Lastly, prime the walls if they are in bad shape. However, if the areas have been recently painted, or are relatively clean, you could skip this step if you are using a high quality paint. 

 Then start rolling and brushing. Work top to bottom, and side to side, keeping the paint wet until you are done working with each area. Letting it semi-dry can cause the paint to lift or clump when it’s re-rolled. 

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Color should I choose?

When designing a space, you can start with paint, or end with it. But the big question is “what color should I use?” There are lots of ways to go about choosing a paint color, but start with these questions:

1) How big is the space?  Do you want it to feel larger or more spacious, or reign in all that open wall space? 

2) How much light is available? What time of day will you use it most?

3) How do you want to feel in the room? Do you want to feel cozy and relaxed, or excited and energized?

4) What is there now? Are you already living with lots of colors you like, or are you looking for a change? Do you want to incorporate the hues in your surrounding palette, or view from the window?

It also helps to know a little but about color theory, which is a science and an art form. It explains how the human mind perceives color, and the visual effects on how colors mix and match or contrast with each other. It also investigates how different colors evoke certain messages or feelings. So when you know what you want to accomplish with the space, the color you’ll need will follow.

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